When are different airlines on planes coming out/ other chats about it


Does anyone know if they are going to make so livers on the emirates A380 and on the 777-300(ER) and on the Qatar A380 like do you know if they are going to put the World Cup on the A380 plane on the side back on both sides to. And douse anyone know if the Thai airways going to be on the 777- 300 plane because it’s not there.

And they should make the World Cup liver on the Qatar 777-300 and on the 777-200 and they should also make a China seven A380 to because that should be on there to.

Regarding the special livery (world cup), no it won’t (according to the requests rules).

Regarding others you mentionned, you can vote for them in the features category

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As always, vote and show your support in Features for liveries.


For the Thai 777-300ER Thai Airways Boeing 777-300ER - #73 by Auxzz vote on it to get it into the game!

You can vote for the Thai 777 here:

As mentioned below special livery requests are no longer allowed, so no, it is not likely they will be added.

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How do you vote if thery are going to put it on there

Yes the 777-300(ER) Thai Airways needs to be added on there

Staff typically won’t answer those questions. Nor do they really know until the time is right. Sure they have some ideas. But I would refer to what others have said and that would be to check out the features category for any open threads regarding livery votes or create a request/vote yourself for a livery or something you’d like to see in the sim.