When Applying for IFATC...

I’m currently in the stage where I am ready for my practical (passed theory) but my I had an extended break for a few months (school etc) but I have came back to my trainer/recruiter @Brandon_Sandstrom off the radar (not responding to my message etc). Is there any way that I can go with another recruiter, or do I simply have to wait for him to return?



He posted 6 hours ago… patience is a virtue.


You can only contact one recruiter. Recruiters can be busy so just wait patiently for him to respond

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Oh that’s strange, I messaged him nearly over a week ago now

Ok thanks for that :)

His real life duties can take him off the grid for extended periods of time when it comes to recruiter stuff. You may have to wait a bit.


Bump the message again it’s not unopened in my inbox. Work was nuts last month I had a lot of people waiting unfortunately.


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