When android gets a update does that mean the kindle fire gets it at the same time too?

Do they get it at the same time

Well, I didn’t get the update for my Kindle Fire HD…

Oh! I though he meant Amazon!

Kindle is Amazon… @PlanesForLife

Let me know when you do lol.

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Can anybody help us? Amazon.com doesn’t show the update :(


I don’t think FDS push updates for the Kindle anymore. I might be wrong though.

They did for the Dash…

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does it come out before Apple but after android?

Hopefully one of the devs can answer our question soon.


Jun '15
We have not at any time suggested the Amazon system is “abandoned”. Only that there have been some obstacles that have slowed the progress beyond what we had hoped or expected.
Matt or Philippe would have to elaborate further, as I am not aware of the exact details. I just wanted to set the record straight at least in that it’s not abandoned.

This is staff member David’s response when something like this was said earlier.

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