When an April fools joke becomes a reality

Just wondering how many of you remember the infamous April fools joke about global becoming a possibility years back? Only to become a reality today? What where your first impressions? I was floored when it was confirmed and to this day still moonstruck by how far infinite flight has progressed!


True! In fact, I was not following any social media at that time. I never knew the Developers were hinting about this until late summer they have started to announce the coming of Global. Pretty interesting story though.


This could be a similar situation with the A350…
There is always that 1% chance. 😉


When it was teased I think I was a day late and a dollar short.

I just remember watching the trailer for it, and thinking… take my money, take all of it.


I saw this… but it’s doesn’t have the usual WIP that they usually use, so I am just gonna assume that it’s a funny prank.


Viva TAM I guess

How did you do that 👀

Probably a prank.

Can you give a link? I can’t find it.

Who was this posted by?

but i think the joke this time is a real joke

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Ok, thanks. If this is an april fools joke, I’m off the mailing list.

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Ok, thanks!

Tbh when the trailers were being dropped in early 2017 I thought global was a prank. I was like they can’t get that level of detail for the entire planet that quickly. I thought something like this would come out in 2020 lol.


A big IF but… if this true then a massive congratulations to the all the people patiently waited for this. It’s shameful that few entitled brats ruined the A350 thread to the point that it was actually closed.

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Quite a lot of flight sims have followed infinite flight and gave brought global to their flight sims like the rortos ones.
Xplane are also doing the same.


I still cannot belive that they came out with global maybe its possible for the plane everyone wants the A350!

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A359 is 10 years in the making, That long Airbus thought of it, and it’s pretty new, It’s gonna be a long time until IF makes it

They’re already developing it.

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the 787 was added to IF in 2015/2016 if i am not wrong which was 3/4 years after the 787 did its first commercial flight so the 787 was also pretty new when it was added to IF,

the A350’s first commercial flight was in Jan 2015, almost 4 years ago!

i wasn’t part of the community back in 2015/2016 did many thought the 787 was still pretty new to be added to IF back then?!


This lovely bird (and many others) will come one day, now granted a screenshot of a wing tip was shown on April 1st but no “April Fools!” was posted later with the screenshot. In my opinion we are looking at 2 possible scenarios 1- it’s in early stages of development or 2: it’s a humorous and polite way of saying hey we get it, you want this aircraft.

Just my 2 cents.

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