When an aircraft is loading don’t get rid of the name above

Basically whenever an aircraft is loading the name above it goes away periodically but the issue is that my wifi sucks to it takes ages for the planes to load
When one was loading there was no way for me to know it was there and I got a violation
I know this will get no votes but this needs to be said

I saw u made this topic earlier, this topic is good enough theres no need to make another one about it. Even if u was making a feature about it, what would be the request? u didnt specify anything

This has happened to me too and I know it’s frustrating, but if you open your map all aircraft will appear on the map and you can see them there

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I just think that they need to make it so names are always above aircraft even when loading
That was just so I can repeal my violation

Well u will need to specify this but

I dont think this is the game i think this is ur device and connection. I could be wrong but this is most likely the case