When am I able to declare an emergency?

How can i declere an emergency, like tower tells me to go around but i have fuel emergency. I think i can

I believe that there is an option in the ATC menu that you can declare a fuel emergency. Although I am not sure where.

You need to be running out of fuel step #1. Step #2 is you have to fly for a little while. Step #3 is you click the ico that appears in the ATC menu.

I haven’t found it, i looked for it

One time i was on very low fuel at klax but on atc menu the option didn’t show up

You need to have 1 hour + flight time to declare an emergency

That means you didn’t fly for some time. FDS has a system where after you fly for a specific amount of time the button will be available if you are low.

Low on fuel Is what I meant.

For what it’s worth, this is a duplicate.

The emergency fuel request only shows up if you’ve been flying for a certain amount of time, and have less than 30 minutes of fuel left. There are rumors about the flight time requirement, but it’s hard to find exactly what they are, potentially to avoid people abusing the requests.

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Well that doesn’t make any sense!

And step 4 you have to be on the Expert Server


If you haven’t flown for an hour and need to declare an emergency that’s piss poor planning on your part.


This is in place to prevent people taking off and immediately declaring an emergency for “fun”, or to get expedited service from ATC.


That’s how it works :) This feauture has been made so to avoid spamms and things like that. Best thing you have to do is to plan better your fuel before pushbaching back…

(training servers)I was on klax on a 33nm flight on A319 with about 40 min.of fuel and at short final a A340 rushed on the runway and i had to go around , when i was on short final(again) tower told me to go around , luckly in a second landing clereance i got clereance (i had 5 min fuel left ) but if i don’t get clereance what should i do?

This is only available on Expert. There is nothing you can do on TS expect from managing your own fuel load…

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So to declare emergency i hace to be on expert servers?

As mentioned above twice yes :)


But when i was on left base at klax on tower frequency one guy declered fuel emergency (training servers)


Yes indeed I understand