When a support problem becomes a useful hack

In: Plane stall in solo mode on final

Nice catch @Asher!

In that case, the temp slider had been inadvertently set to -90C.

But from that, comes a very useful hack idea, that works:

The number one most indispensable requirement for improved landing skill: lots of repetition.

Here’s a problem: you want to do lots of repetitions with short final mode on solo, but your starting airspeed for, say, the 717 is too low compared to other aircraft going into short final mode.

So you stall before you can add power, or whatever.

The hack: the temperature slider is your short final mode, starting airspeed controller. Need more airspeed out of the gate on short final? Slide temp to the right.


This looks like a great idea, but wouldn’t adjusting the temperature this also affect factors like landing performance/speeds? I don’t really know to be honest, but what other factors does the temperature affect other than affecting the starting airspeed in IF?

Perhaps you could pause right away and change the temperature back to normal? Not sure

Great idea though! I will definitely be trying this out

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That’s a good question, but I was testing it. And IAS is the most fundamental performance metric, so of course that’s what you’re tuning with temp, to get that in the acceptable range.

GS also changes, but then you’re always dealing with differences between IAS and GS due to different density altitudes. For example, just landing at Denver vs LAX or something.

So it doesn’t appear to affect realism.

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Good to know, thanks! Will definitely be using this then

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You’re welcome! And btw I was testing the 717, which I know is always guaranteed to drop it’s nose out of the gate in short final mode, with the throttle already cut to zero.

But I just turned the temp up and, instantly gives you more time to respond to the conditions leading to touchdown.

And works on any aircraft.


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