When a newbie should go Live

I’m not only new to IF, but to flight sims in general. I’m having fun in solo mode, but multiplayer mode looks so much more exciting. I would like to subscribe to IF Live, but I’m reluctant because I’m worried that trying to actually fly correctly and interact with ATC will totally overwhelm me, a beginner. (Don’t misunderstand—I’m keen to learn.)

Is there a place in the Live/multiplayer domain for a beginner to fool around and learn the ropes?



Casual Server = don’t effect your stats. only unicom

Training Server 1 = live atc, crazier people, more traffic, earn xp

Expert Server = Professional ATC, Trained Pilots, Earn XP, Large Traffic but in a good way


As said above, there are 3 servers. The system is designed to teach you along the way although some users don’t comprehend and/or realize that. You start out on the casual server where you are allowed to make as many mistakes as you need or want to, but it only has unicom (no ATC). After you’ve gotten the basics, then you can move up to the training server which has both unicom and ATC. Honest mistakes are certainly allowed as you’re learning. After you feel you have out-grown the training sever (and have gained the grade status to go further), then you may progress to the expert server. Ghosting (which is essentially removal from the server) is enforced there for people who absolutely don’t follow instructions. Also, the controllers on the expert server have been tested and know what they’re doing.

I highly recommend purchasing live. You won’t regret it.


Hello and Welcome to Infinite Flight and the community 🤗,

Live is something we all would definitely recommend getting as a IF user. It is one of the best features of IF that sets it apart from other mobile flight sims. Even better if you could get live+.

Here’s a link to the Infinite Flight YouTube channel where they post new tutorials every week.

We have 3 servers.

  1. Casual: no rules, perfect for newbies. No violations or ghostings.
  2. Training: rules are to be followed. ATC instructions to be followed. There are violations.
  3. Expert: only accessible to grade 3 and above. You are expected to show professionalism in this server and fly as realistically as possible. Rules are strictly enforced and failure to comply with ATC instructions can have you ghosted for a period of time.

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Happy landings


I suggest watching Infinite Flight videos over ATC and aircraft procedures.

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Totally worth it, even if you just goof around on Casual.

But since you are eager to learn, just watch all the ATC tutorials on the Infinite Flight YouTube and then you should be fine to try out a training server. Don’t be intimidated! :-)

I highly recommend watching those videos indeed. They will learn you all interaction with ATC. So if you know the ATC instructions, it then all comes down to your flying skills. Goodluck!

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Thanks to all. Just joined Live.


Awesome , can’t wait to see you on the server ! :)

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Nice post. I bookmarked it so I can share it when others ask questions about IF.


Glad to see you joined. Make sure you read all the tutorials you can and keep never stop learning! Fly small and large planes and investigate new airports!

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As stated above, start out on the Casual Server using Unicom to get the hang off basic communications. Once you are comfortable with those, use the Training Server to learn to interact with live ATC. Be warned, most controllers on Training don’t know what they’re doing. Once you’re positive you understand every aspect of ATC interaction, progress to Expert. As an IFATC, I can tell you that we only like to control the best and most professional pilots. If you don’t follow instructions you’re looking at a forced 7 day vacation. On the other hand, we know what we’re doing, so the experience will be much more realistic and enjoyable, and you will be flying with experienced pilots. Good luck!

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Now called expert. :) ^

I know I’m “picky”.


Welcome to the community.


Could someone explain (or point to a reference explaining) how to use the map in IF to navigate around the airports?

Here are a couple example questions I have. When you see a symbol like “35R” at the end of a runway, does taking off on runway 35R mean taking off on the runway by starting at the end of the runway immediately beside the “35R” symbol? How do we know the path to taxi to a given runway from parking, or to taxi after landing to another runway?

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Correct, there is currently no taxi maps available from the map screen, use your best judgement.

Thanks. (After posting my question, I noticed that runway maps, or an indication of your intended runway, is a feature people have requested.)

Yep, watching this now. (These videos are great!)

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