When a link is clicked/tapped you get sent to a new tab

So lets take my va website. http://bantervirtrualairlines.simdif.com/index.html
By default the browser you are on goes from infinite flight to the website link you just pressed. So what i think should happen is that whenever you click/tap on a link it should automatically put said link into a new tab. That way you can get back on the forum without having to google it again.

I really want this to be a thing.

Regards. L

if you press control and click on the link, then you will get sent to a new tab

Cough on mac Cough

use command key

This isn’t a forum thing. This is a browser thing. The forum doesn’t control this. Also, this should be in meta, not features.

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Noted. Thanks for changing it


Facepalms. Well thanks for that lol i will look harder at stuff next time