When a Dispatcher screws up

I think the most logical explanation is that the crew at the destination are not trained to operate the replacement aircraft, hence why it had to be turned back to Chicago. Although the dispatcher clearly had too much to drink the night before (didn’t confirm with the crew at destination if they could operate such aircraft), I think United handed the situation quite well; vouchers, drinks, snacks etc. It also didn’t take them long to replace the ERJ to the CRJ, I think job well done on that behalf.

I make a similar flight to Cattanooga, from Atlanta about 2-3 times a year. And I would say at least 2/3 times I will be on an ERJ175 so that is BS.

What airlines?

Is this on a United aircraft?

(@anon93248082 beat me to it…)

@anon93248082 It is on Delta.

@Maxim God no! I hate United. Every time I fly with united, it is only because I can’t get to where ever I am going on American or Delta.

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Ah, this is why I think you’re fine on the ERJ. Although both United and Delta are operated by Skywest (I think!), I don’t think they’re allowed to switch ground op crews from Delta to United. After all, they’re both competitors!

The United employees there were unable to do what they need to do on that plane, since they’re not trained for the ERJ.

United Express and Delta Connection are both operated by Skywest and several other small, regional carriers.

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The Atlanta-Chattanooga flight specifically is operated by Compass.

That explains it, Delta/Compass probably has equipment to support the 175.


And I think that United may have just opened up that flight, because I don’t ever recall seeing a United ticket counter in the Cattanooga airport.

Yeah, I think that’s a new thing. I remember only flying delta into there even though my family is frequent fliers with UA.

Edit: it actually started on the 8th of this month! Who would have thought? 😂

This is what happens when @AdamCallow tries excercising his dispatch skills daily.


Hey, all I do is turn round aircraft, it’s up to the airlines ops dept/ aircraft allocation dept to tell me which plane is going to where.

But I would love to know the actual issue here that prevented the 175 landing as a quick look on flight radar shows the airport gets a FedEx B757 and has a 7,400ft runway. Also looks like it has airbridges so the extra height wouldn’t be an issue, unless they can’t be raised that high.

While typing this I did have a thought, maybe they could take a E175 but they might be unable to push the aircraft back as they might not have a tow bar for it. And they might not be able to stick it remote as they might not have mobile air stairs. Obviously I can’t check that from google maps and it’s only a wild stab in the dark.

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don’t the ERJs have stairs built-in? Aren’t they stored in a compartment right below the doors on the left side?

Depends, I’m not sure if UAL have that option on their 175s, it’s also not the only issue with sticking it remote, the bigger issue I see is the lack of a remote stand, and if they don’t have a remote stand they might not have a bus and if you walk pax across the taxiway you might as well hand your pass in the next day.

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UAL does have stairs on their 175s and Chattanooga has a handstand. Maybe another airline was using it at the time they would be arriving?

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I saw an article via ThePointsGuy saying it had to turn back because Chattanooga didn’t have the required equipment for an E175

Cattanooga has 3 stands reserved for commercial aircraft. They have other stands on the property, but they are for civilian aircraft I believe. Very unlikely all 3 were in use.

The most likely theory is that the United personnel at Chattanooga airport have not yet been trained for the ERJs.

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Pretty rare never heard this one! I would be mad indeed if I was on that flight. Just a delay in general I think makes all of us mad sitting at the gate waiting for the plane but having to return to the airport and having a bit of a previous delay is just unlucky. Waste of jet fuel. 😂 get it together United! 🤣

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