When 3D clouds come out after metal will there be classic thunderstorm structures?

Will there be realistic thunderstorm structures such as supercells, squall lines, multi cell clusters and single cells when 3D clouds come out after metal?

Our devices can barely handle medium traffic right now and you want to add twisters to the mix?
I don’t see it happening for some time… A very long time.


I don’t mean right now I mean in the far future. As in a couple years or after metal and a few other things are completed.

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rain= Lag
everything weather eles=Lag

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They mentioned it will only be cirrus clouds in the start.

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It would be cool to do some sightseeing around the supercells though.

guys before u complain about the lag, read his question. Its about after project metal, if u dont know what it is, read it up

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I mean some time after the first step for clouds.

In the future when devices are more powerful I would see this possibly being implemented. As of now I don’t think this would be easy to develop


Ya definitely in the future with more powerful devices.

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We still have yet to see what PM can bring to the table, once it comes out, we can judge how far we can go
For now it’s best to keep low-med expectations
Regardless of how “much better” it’s expected to be regarding performance

Thanks for the feedback.

may i add large 50 foot tsunamis to the mix?

My Iphone X makes me run on all low graphics to achieve 25fps. im sure if we want Tornados and Severe thunderstorms, they would have to make a Extreme Low Graphics setting

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