Wheels sinking on touchdown in replay mode

I just finished a flight from Charlotte to Boston in the 757 and according to Infinite Flight operations the landing was really smooth and it seemed really smooth when I landed in cockpit view but when I look at the replay the wheels sink into the ground for a second

Operating system:iOS15.4
IF Version 22.4.1

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I don’t know if this is a known issue or not because I’ve noticed it on other flights as well and it only happens on replay mode

This is a known issue that happens on replay mode, much like the gear not stopping when you pause during retraction 😉

On that note, nice FPM 👏🏻


It happens in replay and in game with other aircraft you aren’t flying

Solution: be sure to butter the landing next time!

-10 is extremely good especially in a 757


Butter! Nice landing! :)

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