Wheels sinking in the ground when landing

Good Day Everyone!

So, I was Flying the Airbus A318-100 And while I Touched the ground,
(I was flying slow) The Back wheels Sinked into the runway, the front Ones did the same. Then i pulled up, The wheels got on the Runway again, My Aircraft then moved the the Left So Much, That it almost crashed. (My FPV Was aligned With the Needle So i Don’t think There was much Crosswind) And i Overran.

I was just Wondering if anyone else got this too?


I’m going to assume this is to do with the scenery, go ahead and try clearing the scenery cache by going to the Infinite Flight settings and scrolling down in general to the “clear scenery cache” button, press it and it should hopefully fix it.

I will Certainly try This! Thank you!

If u can provide the replay

This always happens with me too in replay mode. This is a known issue if I’m correct, right @schyllberg?

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Clearing Cache DID help a Little.
The wheels are not sinking TOO much, and the Plane Is not steering left Anymore.

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