Wheels on E170 not spinning on ground

I was landing at Brussels in my LOT E-170 when I noticed in replay that my wheels were not moving, not even touching the ground. Is this a problem with the actual model or with my device/game?
Video from replay:
As you can see, I am on the ground due to the spoilers deploying, but there is no movement in the wheels.

It’s a common replay glitch


If I get back into the replay, will the wheels be spinning or will they be stuck like before?

Stuck, it happens on the E175 to all of us

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Oh…well that kinda sucks

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Thanks though.

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I was wondering thst myself until I found out its just an older plane and a glitch that happens to everyone

I went back in and the wheels are not spinning. They aren’t even touching the ground. I guess Embraer created a…hoverplane?

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