Wheels not spinning

My wheels is not spinning when i zoom out, but when i zoom in to the aircraft my wheels Are spinning plis help me

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Is this in replay or during the flight itself?

During the flight and taxi

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Don’t know why, clear the cache, restart your device, if it’s still not rotating reinstall the app

If it’s not working after that, it’s probably a glitch with the plane or the airport

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What aircraft?

All aircraft

Does it rotate on replay?

The wheels do not roatate inn replay and free flight


This is not an issue but expected behavior.
For performance reasons, the quality depends on the viewing distance to the object.

How do i fix that i Can see the wheels spin from diff views

You can’t “fix” it. It’s by design.

What design?

Do i need to change something in settings??

We have made it like this intentionally.
And again no, you can’t change that :)

But why is this happening to me?

It’s happening to everyone.

So everyone Can Get this problem

Everyone has this because the developers made it that way to save on performance