Wheelie contest at KPIT! @ KPIT - 231900ZJUL18

Server: Training

Region: Western PA

Airport: KPIT

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Listen to all ATC commands, and no cheating!

The rules are relatively simple, you have threashold to threshold to wheelie, only catch you have to stop by the far end of the runway…

You will be graded on no other criteria than a time of your wheelie. The wheelie will be induced from a landing and keeping the nose up…

Once the wheel touches that’s it, no re raising it…

Each contestant gets two tries, and the better one is kept…

Good Luck!




We also need people to sighn up for ATC, and judge as well as contestant…


I would be glad to help with ATC!

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Great, I will shoot you a PM about how I think it should be handled!

Thanks for that!

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No problem!!! Love to help

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I’ll do it! Sounds fun!

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Glad to hear it, good luck!

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Not entirely sure what aircraft I want to use actually, so I want your opinion…

  • -737-900
  • -767
  • -CRJ-700 (the hardest by far)

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I would argue the 737-900 would be harder for the wheelie challenge, That tail isn’t such a pain in the a, if you pull back to hard, tail strike, don’t pull back enough, no wheelie.

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This is an unrealistic event.

Yes, but this and many other events is just for fun…

A strong majority is for the 737, but then again our only contestant picked spmthing else so @anon93248082 may take the cake here if we dont get some more people…

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Well now @anon93248082 changed his mind, or he got peer pressured into it by the other 737 voters, but either way we are gona use the 737! So come on down and fly with us for this fun competition!

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Hey Guys!

We all been out practicing? The event is drawing nearer and nearer by the hour. So mark your calendar, and head out to crown the first world champion a wheelie contest for airliners!


Wait so where are we flying from, I’d like to attend though

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Can i join please if possible @KPIT

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KPIT, it would be pattern work more or less :)

Is it back wheel wheelies only?

Yes, if you can figure out a front wheelie good on you, I tried to no avail…

Sign me up please! Might be around 15 mins late though if that is ok?

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