Wheel or wheels underground

Sometimes when I land, 1 or more wheels go underground. Is this happening to anybody else?


It actually happens pretty often. I think it’s a system that tells you that you landed too hard.

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When that happens it means you definitely landed too hard :P


Don’t slam too hard onto runway and/or don’t go nosewheel first into ground to ground :)

Always make sure to flare at the right time to ensure a smooth landing. For me I flare at 20ft. When you perform a good flare no wheels should go underground.


I made my smothest landing and my gear sunk into the ground

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  1. Were you over MLW?
  2. What do you mean by smoothest landing. Can you show us pictures?

No i was bissy to mak a super smouthe landing and i landed and less than a second after toutchdouwn my weels had falen trouth the ground
Sorry i don’t have pictures
It was a while ago

See if you can try another landing and post a screenshot of just before you land.

No sorry i dit 3 super smouth landings from 270 other landings
Prity hard.
In total

Is that your speed or your heading?

No thats my total of all my landings.

Oh, how fast to you fly whilst you’re on final (and what aircraft)?

Aircraft: Boeing 748
Speed was between 150 and 170 knts

Do you flare (pitch up) just before you land?

Yes i had flaird

Someone with “Boeing 777-9X” as nickname can’t land a plane in IF :’)

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Why he can’t land Laurens?

Cause what he described only happens when you land much too hard.

What was your load %