Whats your worst take off/Landings in IF?

Well mine is when I departed JFK when theres a strong crosswind my plane just drifted to the left when I tried to control using the rudder. Took off on the grass then crashed.


my worst takeoff is when I rotated at 230 knots. I usually rotate at 180, (weird right) because I find it easier to manage the flaps that way.

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First time I flew with the CRJ-700… That thing jumps like a frog when you start the take-off roll


When landing at San Diego in a 777F I did an Initial D grade drift on the runway and spun into the grass…

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I’ve landed at a Flash Flight race and completely spun out on the runway before coming to a stop on the taxiway…casual though. Worst takeoff, anything with a Dash 8 in crosswinds.


Landed an a380 for quatar after a flight from doha to Atlanta and I forgot to put the gear down😤😤😤😤😤😤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Trying to take off in the CRJ2 before the rework with a 23kt crosswind to KSFO. Full rudder did not help at all and I want of the runway toward the terminals. Ended my flight right away as there was ATC there.

Takeoff: C-17 vertical leads to crash
Landing: Not really bad. Yesterday I landed an AF SkyTeam B77W at my solo practice using short final. It said the heading is 43M. At JFK 4L. But I was facing 44M, even if I was so straight. In IF each airport has a plus one heading, so it seems like a problem. After the front tyres touched down I was then 43 but I was going to use AP for a straight line to the heading. Sudden right, then AP. HDG: 44 VS: 0.

My worst landing in infinite flight was in a 737-800 and i was landing at KJFK, i started to suddenly stalled when i was right over the runway so i slammed onto the ground and it was embarrassing because some people were lined up waiting to take-off and i am pretty sure my engine’s touched the ground on that landing.

When I did my Jakarta-Tokyo flight on a B777-300ER
Take-off and Flight were fine but approach and landing was really bad
I descended too fast and flied above 250kts below 10.000ft luckily i only get a warning,
and then when landing at Haneda Intl. Airport I touched too late and too fast. and being the lazy person I did’t commence a go-around combined with a slight crosswind I come to a full stop near the end of the runway and already on the grass :s

It is my luckiest worse landing. Last year before global, I was on Canberra Approach on Expert Server in a 40kt crosswind in a C172 and tried to land multiple times. What happened was I flipped over in the grass, stayed there for about 10 minutes without being ghosted and logged off finding out that the controller screenshot my flipped C172. I don’t have the picture but it was the funniest day on IF ever.

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My worst takeoff was out of ORD with a 737-900. There was strong winds at the time so as soon as I rotated my left wing dipped down. I corrected it and tried to pull myself off the runway. I then had a big gust go right on the nose and I crashed 😂
Worst landing is with the A330. When I came in the plane was quite light. Since the physics are a little weird I slammed my main gear into the ground.

Takeoff was 6 months ago with the 787-9 at KJFK. I tookoff at 130 knots, tail striked and managed to keep it stable at 300 feet before stalling and crashing.

Landing was yesterday. I was landing at KDTW with a 737-8 and was all good until the last 30 feet where I forgot to flare and started the flare at 10 feet and hit the runway at -500 fpm likely ruining the airframe in the process. I then pulled up to 2 feet and slammed it back down again.

This guy certainly made the list


Worst landing has got to be back before that bump at KLGA was removed. I had a great approach going and then suddenly I was spinning like a frisbee.

Well just down I was turning into final for a touch and go when I realized I picked up a taxiway then me turning sharp into final landed getting one of my wheels stuck not being able to move.

Didnt it in front of the best pilot Rogue One too

What do you mean before the rework???

Because the rework isn’t out yet

I don’t want to say how many times it took forever to be a heavy plane off the ground (A330, A380, 747, 767), I cant say much about the landings, I work hard to make them smooth

Similar to aircanda flight 759 right?

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