What's your worst flight experience with United?

Hello, I’m wondering what is the worst experience you had with united airlines for real.

Never had any with United besides 1 wich was excusable.

Ive traveled United 4 times I think, Orlando, Canada, Santa Barbara, Los Angles, never delayed.

Altho there food may not be the best, it’s still digestible. Seating wasn’t bad, I had some extra space on Economy.

Only time it was delayed was too another Airline who had there aircraft sitting at our gate,.


Uh, had an unscrupulous gate agent be so mean that it caused my friend to rant to me over facebook message and I had to calm her down from across the continent at 2AM.

We were going to family for Christmas. The 2nd flight got delayed for several days. So we took the next plane back home because we didn’t want to spend 24 hours in Denver.
We haven’t flown on United sense then.

Plane all boarded and ready to go… “Sorry we’ve had a light problem so we’d like you to disembark the aircraft”. Hours later the flight departed and people (including me) missed our connecting flight. They didn’t even bother putting us in a hotel. Just a small travel voucher that we don’t really need for another United flight.

Youd rather go on a safe plane right? :)

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Don’t get me started.

We were probably flying on one of Uniteds oldest 767 that they didn’t bother to upgrade the interior. I had to climb over my dad to get back to my seat and I touched the top with my back. The oxygen masks came out! The staff weren’t really nice, they were arrogant. Though they did upgrade us to premium economy and asked someone else to move. I saw business and first class and the pilot at least. Still, I’ll never fly them again

I know but they were disorganised and extremely unhelpful at the time.

Nothing terrible I can say, my flight was from LAS-HNL / HNL-LAX. All went smoothly. Only the flight attendants were all old ladies. I noticed that.

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