Whats your worst and best landing on IF?

G’day IFC today I was wondering what has been the worst landing you’ve ever done and the best one whether it be by FPM centerline touchdown zone etc…
Tell me down bellow!
My worst landing was a -11000 yes -11000, it was not in a proper flight but if we count that it would be a -4300 FPM

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I think my worst landing was -99 and the best -12

JK the worst was a -578, of course with Ryanair and thanks to a windshear


No one can beat my -4000 or my -11000 😎

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I better not

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-1200 I tried to Butter

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My best is -57. My worst is -1100.

This was my landing yesterday…
probably my best !

My worse is around -300 maybe 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️


No way teach me your arts

Smoothest was -9 fpm on the A350 and hardest was roughly -200fpm in a B738. And no, not in a Ryanair livery, in a Transavia livery

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Best was -0ft/min indicated (so less than 1ft/min). It made the gear touch te ground without the spoilers deploying immediately. Never seen that again. Worst landing was probably -800.

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Like I said no one can beat me for the hardest landing 😎


What I always do is around 30 feet > throttle to IDLE and start the flare 0.2 secs later

That is what one would call “weird flex but ok”


My best is -15 worst is 1600…

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I remember a 35G45 crosswind landing into EINN. It was night, vis was about 3 nm. I was in a 757 from KBOS. With a lot of rudder action managed to land safety first time

My worst was in the 717 (of course) -714 or something like that and my best was in a 737 -62

I would argue the old Crj200 was even harder to land than the 717 ‘:)

My worst one was the 767-300 with a vertical speed of -1-500.

Calls me old-fashioned, but every landing in which the plane, as well as flight personnel / passengers leave the plane unscathed, is a good landing… 😉

gotta be a -400 with the a321 @IF-Mallorca not a good sign as we’re flying a 321 rn 🤣🤣🤣