What's your way of saying you're part of a VA?

Good ol frontier pilots fly with “FFT” followed by their flight number. If you ever hear FFT during flying moments on the Expert and Training servers, 99% chance it’s an FVA pilot.

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Our Virtual Airline (Infinite Flight Singapore Airlines Virtual Airline) members usually use “IFSIAVA” at the end of their display name in Live. That helps us in identifying each of our members

While the group I’m in isn’t considered a VA, I signify it by my profile, and my profile picture.

Also, we have specific in-game callsigns for each person at each event.

@Declan_OHara I heard there is an awesome VA brewing.


I heard as well! 🤔 Must be good


If anyone has a problem with pilot x flying under y airline then there should be a page to go to for reporting that pilot.

Then, it can be crosschecked and verified as an active pilot and any action can be taken.

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I just use the united call sign and have United VA under my profile

I have the names of my VAs and occassionally use their callsign. I fly aircraft in the vrand of our VA. I’ve just flown a Qatar A319 from EDDL-EBBR since I am part of Qatar Airways VA.

I dont openly tell people just like how i wouldnt walk up to any stranger and tell them what my occupation is.

However one may infer from the uniform im wearing or the pass i carry, which in IF terms would be a small description on my profile indicating my VA as well as using the callsign associated to the VA when im flying for them.

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UniWorld use callsign NXXXUW, members are given a certain number when they join We’re not approved yet

at emirates we do EK titles

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