What's your thoughts on holiday airport traffic?

Tell me what you think


Fly private so you don’t have to deal with it.


Fly easyJet.

That’s the worst queues

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No, Ryanair have the worst queues. And BA when their systems fail at LHR T5.


As an airlines employee for regional i like it cause it’s a shortened travel schedule for me 😁


Well since I’m traveling in December after Christmas, maybe I won’t deal with the huge traffic of passengers.

Fast Track is your best solution.

Not everyone is a millionaire… I’m sure some people are and have their own planes cough cough Donald trump

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Will justify that.

Basically next to no extra traffic UK, It’s all in the M1/4/5/6 :/


Exactly. That’s why the topic is called “What’s your thoughts…”. That’s my thought. Doesn’t apply to you.

Still… not everyone’s a millionaire

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So what. That’s not my point. And just a FYI, you don’t have to be a millionaire to fly privately. Flying privately can be in a small Cessna 172. Once again, this is my thoughts and what I would do.

When you said flying privately, I assumed you meant like a jet, although you could fly in a tiny Cessna if you like. They’re still about $400,000.

My thought is to not fly at all and fly when all the kids are in school.

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Try the M6/M62 going to Manchester airport on a Friday evening, then you can say you’ve experienced real queues. 😂

idk if they serve the pacific northwest…

Fly pacific airlines

Wonder if there is an airle called that

Never Book the first flight, never book the last…