Whats your sesitivity

  • high(just why though)
  • normal
  • low

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i honestly dont know lol

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oof I think a lot of people forget theirs so you are not alone

so It seems the low is better than normal

OR MABYE NOT they are tied

OR MABYE NOT AGAIN normal has taken the lead

I always use low, unless I’m on a fighter. When on a fighter, I use high so I can do aerobatic maneuvers. I just find it easier to use when flying fast.

interesting when I use low the movements are always to late

Low for any aircraft especially A330, it feels more realistic on this sensitivity. So i like it


that’s good to know

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I have high general sensitivity and I put roll / pitch at half and 1/10th of null zone.

Why you ask? Because that’s the only way you can fully deflect your flight controls.

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because I need answers cause when I use infinite flight all the sesitivitys feel odd to me
normal to fast
low to slow
and high is for crazy moves

So I want to hear your answers to hear your experiences with your choice of sensitivity so I can make up my mind which one I should use

I’ve never actually changed mine. Never had a problem with the standard sensitivity, so why change it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Well I have shaky hands Which causes my thumbs to go off most of the time or to my hands to drop a little bit so I look low because it doesn’t change the aircraft position too much

For shaky hands maybe you can try to set a bit of “null zone”? Might be helpful

I did several times and all it did was make my flying worse

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Normal. Enough to make you ‘feel’ the plane but at the same time preventing small inputs from being aggressive.

Huh cool well I tried all the sensitivity’s I could (except high) and I hate them I next get I alone with the runway and I can never find I sweet spot I almost cut myself in rage

It’s just about more practice. Though for some like the A380 and A340, I use high since those aircraft have poor flight characteristics.