What's your preferred view while taxiing?

  • HUD
  • Cockpit
  • Normal
  • Tail
  • Tower 😀

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HUD because it gives me everything right up front-right in my face.

I use normal to navigate my way around to the nearest runway/taxiway-To orient myself in other words.

I occasionally use cockpit but only when I’m coasting down thr taxiway because I can’t see as much as I desire from that camera view.

I only use the tower to take photos. I love taking off from the tower view though. As long as the heading is set straight down the centrr of the runway.

Who the heck would use tail view. It’s the most irritating and disorienting view of all. It feels weird controlling the plane from up there and the view isn’t that good-Looks weird for some reason.

Just my 2 cents.

Long live the DC-9!

😁😁😁 I use tail view in tight corners. And I set ground speed on the button tab so won’t get speeding ticket.

From my XP it’s harder to make tight corners from the tail but that’s me.

What bugs me is that the AP always adds to much power to get up to speed quick but doesn’t take in account that it may go overspeed (Usually 26 kts when set to 25 kts AP). Since it doesn’t have control over the brakes, I apply them, then the AP roars the engines up again and I get stuck rolling at 28-30 kts.

I usually add moderate amount of power and when I hit 25 kts GS, then I apply brakes and reapply power or I cut power and just coast along.

Long live the DC-9!

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I chose HUD, normal and tail.

Normal while pushing back;
HUD on straight lines and wide angle turns;
Tail in turns and line up.

Yes tail is perfect for line-up and immediate take-off👍. Once you’re centred and start accelerating I change it to HUD/Cockpit.

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I use cockpit for everything. Try to make it as realistic as possible.

For pictures, I will use normal or tower.


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I preffer normal because i can see other aircrafts near me. I also can keep distance of them easily. Pushback works really well in normal camera mode. Its easy to navigate where to turn until you reached the taxi line. Really LOVED normal view on grounds!

Normal for me. I usually zoom out some in order to see traffic around me. I only use tail view when taking off in fighter jets and the smaller aircraft but use hud to takeoff in the big birds.

Same here I do the same

Using the cockpit for taxi and use the tower for pictures

You mean for taking screenshot in tower view?

My question was which view you use when you taxi to runway.

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I use normal to find my taxi way and then use cockpit I try and use that view as much as I can the rest of the flight.

I alternate between virtual cockpit and chase cam from behind the aircraft. I like to use the virtual cockpit most, only because it best simulates the real world perspective pilots would have. Sometimes that’s not easy. :)

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Normal “locked” because it’s the easiest view to see where you’re going and with locked mode you don’t have to keep panning the camera when you make a turn :)

Exactly how it’s done for me

Which view is “Normal” view?

Camera where you are outside the aircraft and can pan around (The 3rd camera).

Long live the DC-9!