Whats your opinion on headwinds

headwinds can be messy if going on longer routes and cause severe turbulence and makes your flight longer so can you take them? or go on longer routes

Yeah, headwinds can cause issues. I agree with you in a specific context.

Great for takeoff and landing, not so great for cruise

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my main issue is with tailwinds because at cruise they should speed you up but they end up slowing me down a lot

That doesn’t sound right. You GS should increase if you have a decent tailwind. I’ve never experienced my GS dropping with a tailwind

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The GS isnt dropping its just that recently i had a 36 knot tailwind and it was making the flight longer


I just fly the opposite direction.


there’s nothing like crossing the Atlantic in a 777 and doing 350 knots

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ive gotten lower in the a340

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Maybe some of you faced 180+ knot headwinds but in a 737-800? True story: 2 years ago I flew PHL-LAS on a 737-800 but I mistakenly didn’t check winds and ended up with a record 267 kts gs with a direct headwind

Headwinds are horrible if you have not packed a huge amount of fuel. I was flying the other day, the Dash-8 and I had a 60knts headwind. Had to declare emergency fuel… Not so nice

I honestly love headwind! I mostly fly west bound flights (headwinds) because those flights typically take longer and thus I can get more flight time!

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I love headwind coz it enables me to have more sleep

I mean, they’s pretty cool dudes to hang out with. One thing is they’re kinda clingy. Like, you try to get away and they get all in front of you pushing you back and it’s like “hey man I need to get to my destination!”

I mean headwinds are headwinds… No matter where you fly you are always going to encounter some sort of headwind (and/or tailwind). The challenge is finding the best altitude to have the less of the headwind or more of the tailwind.

Overall, having a headwind doesn’t bother me and is apart of flying.

Pretty much unless you forgot to pack more fuel to your rest if it gets longer

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