What's your opinion on Aviation?

I agree. Aircraft are one (if not the best) example of precision engineering, amazing design and just generally an incredible achievement for mankind. It’s so pathetic that we have scum on this planet who believe in trying to destroy them and kill all those on board. Pathetic is the only word I can match to that (without getting banned from the community! :P)

Aviation is amazing, but it’s bad for the environment.

I’d like you’re post but I’m out of likes! Very well said

The Boeing 737… Enough said.

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737s aren’t that bad! Especially the -800s, -900s, and MAXs!

Bingo! Glad to know I’m not alone on this :)


Nah it all depends. If your stuck at a tiny international airport with little airside view and you only see one 737 an hour, it’s not worth it. Hubs on the other hand…

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One time we were rolled over to the next outbound flight so I had 3 hours to take the underground train to the terminals and watch planes at KDEN, was awesome

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Transit waiting time!

My opinion… Amazing…

Especially after following news:

Russian EMERCOM asked Air Force to use Su-34 newest fighters to fight again, but not in Syria,to fight with ICE on river!!

And today that all happened! ( not finished yet)

Once again,Modern Fighter/Bomber vs. River Ice.
I am Shocked 😂

“Additional Su-34s to fight with ice”; “Air Force is successfully bombing river ice” etc…

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That’s the dream


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