What's your normal IF setup?

Samsung A5 2017…

This is mine



What adapter do you use to connect the stick and iPad?

You can’t connect it to the iPad. You connect it to a PC (maybe Mac too), and use Live Flight Connect to allow the stick to talk to the mobile device.

Where do you guys get the checklists and charts from? Also, for those who use a stick, does it help much with landing vs the gyro from the mobile device?

I’ve just been using my iPhone (data only) or iPad (wifi). I use SkyVector when flying descending over mountainous terrain.

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For the charts, I use Navigraph, which is a paid subscription that includes updated AIRAC Cycles for other sims such as X-Plane, but you can use one listed in this topic for free:

As for the joystick, it REALLY helps vs motion control. It makes it a lot easier to control and way more realistic when flying. I definitely recommend you try it, and if you don’t like it, you can always switch back!


Do you have any stick recommendations (for iPad Air 3 of that matters)? I see a lot of people here use all kinds of yokes or sticks.

I’ve seen a lot of videos of IRL planes that no longer use a yoke. They use a stick thing on the left (captain) side of the cockpit.

The device compatibility doesn’t matter for iOS, as you have to use LiveFlight Connect. I recommend the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick. This has never let me down for the entire 6 months that I have used it. It is the only one I can recommend, though, because it is the only Joystick I’ve used. I would recommend the Saitek yoke and rudder pedals, but there are still a couple bugs to be worked out with them. I’ll let the other community members suggest more, though!

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Lenovo k6 and just my experience

My Ipad 6th Gen and a Charger

I usually just use my IPad Pro 2018 for my main rig because it’s the highest end device so it’s smoothest!! But when I’m traveling I’ll use my iPhone 6S Plus and use the Data… I can also hotspot to my iPad but I generally just use my phone! I also sometimes hook my joystick up to my laptop and use live flight connect and fly manually

Only my iPhone XS …

iPhone 7
Thrustmaster hotas x joystick and throttle
And some aced computer

Huawei Honor Play (Blue)
Runs Infinite flight on high with antialasing absolutely no problem. 50gb extra SD card for more screenshot space.

Definatly the best cheap phone for gaming


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iPad 2018 gen.
Dalmore 15 year.
And a comfy couch.

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-IPad pro 2018
-Thrustmasters joystick and throttle
-old MacBook for liveflight connect

iPad Pro 11 inch 2018 model
Two hands
EarPods, which I call “GroundPods”
Infinite Flight

Samsung Galaxy S8+, couch…

A Samsung Tab S3 to run the game
My phone to track , calculate TOD and charts

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A 2018 iPad. I just got an idea from this thread. I’m going to create a binder of checklists, charts, etc.