What's Your Longest And Shortest Non-Stop Flight?

What’s your longest and shortest non-stop flight in IF?

What’s your longest/shortest domestic flight?
What’s your longest/shortest international flight?

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Longest non-stop: 17 hours Dubai to Los Angeles… Emirates A380

Shortest non-stop: 30 minutes from Orlando to Fort Lauderdale

There are a few topics about this already ^^


My longest: Doha to São Paulo. 14 hours.

My shortest: Duluth to Minneapolis. 26 minutes.

My shortest flight is from runway 28 at pittsburgh international to the Dick’s sporting goods world headquarters next to the runway because I forgot to turn on an eingen 😂


What Was Your Flight Time @KPIT?

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my shortest flight: SBKP to SBGL 0:45 min

my longest flight: OMDB to RJBB 8:30 min

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I would guess <10 seconds

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Longest: LAX To Warsaw
Shortest: First XCUB Flight - I Crashed Immediately Like <5 Seconds Later

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Longest Flight: Johannesburg (FAOR) to Atlanta (KATL) 16:15

Shortest Flight: LaGuardia (KLGA) to Flushing Bay (The water right behind runway 31)

Longest flight: EGLL-YPPH ~16h

Shortest flight: KWRI-KIAD ~30m

Longest domestic flight: KSFO-PHNL ~5-6h

Shortest domestic flight: KCLT-KRDU ~30m

Longest was 15:08, from Dubai to SFO, and the shortest was PDX to PDX. I was going to HNL, but forgot to fuel up, so I landed.

Longest flight: YSSY-EGLL 21 hours in a QF a388. Insane winds lol
Shortest flight: Houston hobby to Austin- 22 minutes.
Longest domestic flight: KORD-PANC 6:25 minutes in a Alaska 739. (Second longest was Seattle to Honolulu) I’ve done like 7 other cross country flights, I love ‘em.


Longest flight: WSSS-KEWR and vice versa around 17 hours
Shortest: EHAM - EBBR I guess.

Longest: PHX-BOS

Shortest: BOS-LGA

Longest Dubai-Los Angeles
Shortest Knoxville-Atlanta

Longest: Mumbai-Newark
Shortest: Westray-Papa Westrsy (flight time 1 minute)

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Longest flight was from yesterday’s fnf Dubai to jfk 16 hours and shortest was from klax to knuc

Longest Domestic Flight was in a UAL 787-10 from LAX to IAD. Longest International Flight (Flight in general) was from RJAA to KATL in a Delta 777-200LR. Shortest Domestic Flight was PSP to LAX in a Delta CRJ-200 and Shortest International was (I dont count US-Canada flights as transborder so) San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta then Ixtapa in a United 737-800

my longest flight was Los Angeles to Dubai on the Airbus A380-800 Emirates lasting 16h35.
My shortest flight was Maraba to Carajas with a duration of 30 minutes.