What's your least favorite airline?

What’s your least favorite airline?

I really don’t know this one is hard.

Can’t really tell.

Worst Airline = Ryanair


Tigerair Australia in the last 2 months, 5 aircraft have returned to Sydney with smoke in the cabin onboard tigerair aircraft

Why do people complain about LCC’s. You pay less for less service.


But is there any other “famous” LCC which “offers” hard landings in the package? 😂

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American and southwest

AirTran while they were around.

I guess not…

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I respect your opinion but why?

I can’t decide between Frontier or Spirit.

WestJet or Asky

What’s asky?

offended ;)

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Quite a few reasons.

• No IFE whatsoever.
• When my flight was delayed, they made a gate change and only announced it when they made the final boarding call.
• Rough landings.

To name a few.


Their good for an African Airline but the lack of respect to anyone from the flight attendants and people can do what ever they want

The main Airline for Togo

Had that problem with United and US Airways took

I haven’t had a bad experience with pre-merger US Airways.

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