Whats your joystick sensitivity for LiveFlight connect?

So I’m having trouble adjusting to using a joystick for Infinite Flight but mainly is because I can’t find the right sensitivity. I know that everyone has a different preference but maybe what you have work for me. So what’s your sensitivity? BTW I’m using a logitech extreme 3d pro.

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I’m using the same joystick. I usually put roll and pitch down to half way then yaw a little past half. Sometimes I change it depending on aircraft.

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I found out the hard way that the sensitivity feels completely different on each (different) plane. I found out the hard way by changing planes and flying live. Wasn’t a happy ending. Now each time I change plane, I fly local and set up for landing on a runway and tweak for peak performance for each plane before flying live each time. I found that the settings for each plane are completely different from another. Anyone else have the same results?

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