What's your highest altitude you can achieve in a GA aircraft?

Just a suggestion to people trying to break this record ;)

I’ve found that the Cirrus SR22 aircraft type works very well! No more hints ;)

Totally. (I got to about 90,000ft where my aircraft glitched out of complete control)

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Well, besides the violation it works well, haha.

At some point I think you have to switch off autopilot and hand fly it so it doesn’t flip over…

I think this was my issue

But I did lose complete control and the aircraft had bugged

Also I completely understand the reason. I’m grade 3, so it isn’t a plea for removal … lol. I had sound off so I didn’t hear the warnings, I was too busy trying to get the aircraft under control.

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How did you do that?!

Oh the bugging out wasn’t an issue for me. I lost control at about 98,000 in the SR22. Later today I’ll try again but in the X-Cub. I remember one time I got up to some ridiculous altitude like over 100,000. I just didn’t screen shot it.

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Not an altitude record but maybe a IAS record XD

For People Who Don’t Know How To Do This:

The secret to it is to pack about 20% fuel, and just keep climbing. Once passed FL280, put the throttle to full. At around 50,000 you’ll start gaining fuel. I suggest putting your roll sensitivity all the way down in settings so that you don’t rock so hard the aircraft just falls out of the sky.

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Does this apply for autopilot as well?

Ive done similar

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Yes, it does.

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So I tried beating @DeerCrusher’s height yesterday and the one moment I decide to text my friend the plans looses all control. I used the SR22 and got up to about 107,000 feet before I lost full control.

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MaxSez; A Spit is not a GA! All GA have limitations in the RW. LIKE MOONSHOTS flying any IF aircraft out of envelope is the Sport of Gammers. Pls for old times sake limit these displays of bravado to the “Kiddie” Servers!
G’nite, MadMaxSends

I think what Max here is trying to say, is I put “GA Aircraft” in the title. In this case, I’ll let it fly (get it? ;) ) because it’s a piston aircraft. Then he goes on to say stick to the Training or Casual servers as to not interfere with other aircraft.

What was the highest alt you got to?

-Max’s translator