What's your highest altitude you can achieve in a GA aircraft?

Well, this happened a bit by accident. I’d just taken off from EGLL heading southbound across the English Channel in my Cessna 172 and had switched on the autopilot. Forgetting to set the cruising altitude and leaving the V/S on at about +1,000 fpm, I came back an hour later to find my little humble Cessna at 60,000 feet!

This made me think that we could make a game out of this! Now, I’ve seen another thread about how high you can get in Infinite Flight, but I would like to limit this to GA aircraft only.


  • You must provide proof of altitude the altitude reached by posting a screenshot of either the replay or flight. The altitude must be visible somewhere in the shot.
  • GA Aircraft only! (Spitfire, All Cessna aircraft excluding the Citation X, SR22, TBM, X-Cub)
  • All flights must not interfere with IFATC operations.
  • All flights must be conducted on the live server.


Current high score: 147,500 Feet ASL @DeerCrusher


How long did that take?

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1h36m! (Check the flight time in the bottom right ;) ) I’m still climbing, FL800 just now!


@DeerCrusher show em your record 😂

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The speed and altitude one?

Yeah weren’t you at like 100,000ft+?

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Should I be worried? xD

Wow, now that IS a record

It was at this moment that I lost controlled flight. Didn’t glitch or anything into the ground like 98% of the people here do. Just climbed up like what you’re doing in the SR22.


Holy smokes! Yup, that just might have beaten by record

Better soak up the fun now, because this bug is one of the things on my hit list to bring up to the devs when beta testing starts up. Need to get this fixed ASAP.

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Considering I’m bored in quarantine and got nothing better to-do, imma try and see just how high I can get.

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And hulk-smash this thread? :0

Just go do it on Casual because I’m not removing violations. You won’t get violations climbing, its the coming down when you’re going 5000kts in a 172 is where the issue is. 😁


LMAO Yeah, I’ll note that, don’t want to lose my grade 5 now do we?

Oh no. G5 is a precious gem you must hold onto.


I love how turning around took me from the France border all the way over to Zurich haha

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Does that actually say E+38?!

Yes. I took “breaking things” to a new level

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Welp. I lost control at 101,450 feet