Whats your favourite TBM Livery

Hey Guys, I was wondering what all you favourite TBM Liverys would be. Personaly, mines are the Infinite Flight (Light) one. It really is some Livery 😍


I might have to say the Sea Blue


Same as @NationofAviation for me. Stunning.

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The Infinite Flight (Dark) livery is 110% great!

And the Sea Blue like KPIT ;)


Infinite Flight dark, i love it so much!


@Evan @KPIT I gotta admit I was not sure weather the Infinite Flight (Light) or Sea Blue was better, close call. At the end I decided for me it was the Light.

I’ve gotta go with Steveo that livery is just great

Maroon and navy blue and infinite flight dark

My favorite TBM livery is Charcoal.

My favorites are the Black, White, and Red, Red Stripe, and Infinite Flight (Dark).

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I quite like the French Airforce one, its a great stand in Military Trainer :) followed by Infinite Flight (Light)

there are three livery of the TBM 930 plane that I like, namely:

  1. Light Livery
  2. Charcoal
  3. Sea Blue

I like the IF light livery!!

Charcoal. Looks amazing!

This should better organize and simplify what folks like best. πŸ™‚

Choose 1 option below:

  • Black, Red & White
  • Charcoal
  • French Air Force
  • Generic
  • Infinite Flight (Dark)
  • Infinite Flight (Light)
  • Maroon
  • Navy Blue
  • Red Stripe
  • Sea Blue
  • Steveo1Kinevo (N851TB)

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Sorry Steve, gotta go with that Dark livery, so stunning


I really like the light IF livery. Really nice design!

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I love the IF flight home liveries; they have really nice contrast, it’s hard to say which one out of the dark and light are better.

The results are interesting, but not exactly what I expected. More votes are needed to see if the current trends accurately reflect the community.

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Surprising more people didn’t vote the IF livery