What's your favourite Inflight Entertainment?

What’s Your Favourite Inflight Entertainment?

For those of us who’ve been lucky enough to fly long-haul, you’ll know there is a wide variety of in-flight entertainment systems available across the world’s airlines. From the dated CRT displays in old Iran Air 747s to the state-of-the-art flatscreens in the Etihad apartments.

My question to you is, what has been your favourite inflight entertainment that you’ve personally experienced?
Post any photos you may have that back up your claims!

I’ll start with my favourite!
-The new system on the Swiss 777-300ERs-
This system is becoming more and more common on newer planes, its incredibly fluid and has a huge variety of features! The map has a load of different views which kept me entertained on my 11h30 flight to Hong Kong. Also having a USB port and a proper AUX port as well, is incredibly handy.

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