What's your Favourite Infinite Flight Trailer?

Just wondering the opinions on that subject. Mine has to be the “Locked-Free Camera” trailer


Mine was definitely 19.4

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I liked 20.1


For me it was the 2017 trailer, simply because of the music… 19.4’s music is pretty nice too

@sqeezelemon’s 20.2 trailer of course


Ooooh, a tough one for me… Probably the official 20.2 first look cause of the music, but I really like the music in the 20.1 and 19.4 too…

This one or this one.

Which one

First link. 20.2 first look
Second link. Locked free cam sneak peek

No! That’s not how you’re supposed to play the game!

I like the one that’s currently on the Apple App Store. Hands down I think it’s the best.

Without a doubt

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19.4 just because of @CaptainNoGear reaction video lol

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I back this!!!
best one ever

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just a smol bump
Gotta say I absolutely love the 757 sounds! 😍😍😍

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