What's your favourite engine

  • CFM
  • IAE
  • rolls Royce
  • General Electric
  • Pratt and Whitney

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Genral Electric. Specifically the GE90. Nothing beats that


I very much agree!

General Electric ; where my mother works!

GE90-115B1 ❤

Rolls Royce Olympus - who cares about efficiency when you can make the ground tremor.


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I generally give my allegiance to Rolls Royce but they have provided some dissapointments so here’s the breakdown:

IAE Engines on the A320 Family aircrafts
Rolls-Royce Engines on all aircraft but the TriStar and 747 Classics.
The rest are Pratts generally

Here is my list:
A320 Family:CFM
A350-A380:Don’t mind
737:Don’t mind
747:General Electric
757:Rolls Royce
767-787:Don’t mind

The upcoming GE-9X!

Some of the RR engines are made like 20 mins from me. I see the factories often.

Prat… The world leader. But the classic is the “Merlin” it revolutionalized aircraft engine design. Max Sends

747-400 rb211-524g2

ccm followed by ge90 ;)

Always RR :)

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