Whats your favourite drink to have while flying?

Flights to Hawaii have the best drinks

Some good ole’ water. Hydration is key!

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Apple juice, (It’s true)

Blue Moon (Belgian White with an orange slice in the frosted mug or bottle), Cherry Wheat Sam Adams, and my last favorite is a tall glass of chocolate milk with some Double Stuff Oreos.


Coffee for sure

Yikes, you are so right. Coffee is a must have too! ❤️

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Tomato juice is life. With some salt and pepper and pretzels 😋. Although some red wine never fails to satisfy my comfort as a passenger

^This is for real world flying though lol I didn’t realize this was for IF

It’s okay, no worries. So what’s your favorite beverage while flying in Infinite Flight? 🤔

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Probably some spiced tea or a traditional ale in the evening :)

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Sprite lol since that pretty much the only good thing they have 😂

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I would have to say probably coke or maybe a or water. Pretty boring. Huh

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Red bull because it gives you wing.


I’m an odd one, I usually have Tomato Juice😉

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Whiskey ginger.

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Tomato Juice 🍹

Pineapple Juice and Coffee works excellent too ;)


Cannot go past a Coffee! ☕️

Good old Jack Daniels
By the way if you wanna see drunk pilot just press APPR.

Just kidding.

hope u mean the drink lol

Keep me relax while I’m up there 😉👊🏼😂