Whats your favourite drink to have while flying?


@BA_CityFlyer_LHR this should be in Real world aviation


We are talking about IF, not real life 🙂


Flights to Hawaii have the best drinks


Some good ole’ water. Hydration is key!


Apple juice, (It’s true)


Blue Moon (Belgian White with an orange slice in the frosted mug or bottle), Cherry Wheat Sam Adams, and my last favorite is a tall glass of chocolate milk with some Double Stuff Oreos.


Coffee for sure


Yikes, you are so right. Coffee is a must have too! ❤️


Tomato juice is life. With some salt and pepper and pretzels 😋. Although some red wine never fails to satisfy my comfort as a passenger


^This is for real world flying though lol I didn’t realize this was for IF


It’s okay, no worries. So what’s your favorite beverage while flying in Infinite Flight? 🤔


Probably some spiced tea or a traditional ale in the evening :)


Sprite lol since that pretty much the only good thing they have 😂


I would have to say probably coke or maybe a or water. Pretty boring. Huh


Red bull because it gives you wing.


I’m an odd one, I usually have Tomato Juice😉


Whiskey ginger.


Tomato Juice 🍹

Pineapple Juice and Coffee works excellent too ;)


Cannot go past a Coffee! ☕️


Good old Jack Daniels
By the way if you wanna see drunk pilot just press APPR.

Just kidding.