Whats your favourite drink to have while flying?


You should have watched me land at KFLL. 20kts crosswind and my plane went crazy and I crashed. 10h gone to …

Those people at kfll probably thought I was drunk lol.


For me at high altitudes I like something more citrusy so I choose orange juice or a fountain soda if I am flying Delta I drink Fresca


Can’t beat some good apple juice…

(And they think I’m all grown up… 😜)


Diet Coke or Coke Zero with a biscoff cookie with Delta embossed in it. 😋


Strongbow, tea, water or orange juice. Occasionally I’ll drink a glass or two of scotch 👍🏼
If I’ve had too much I don’t forget how to fly or land, just have trouble remembering what gate to park at🤣


If flying Ryanair, my own Saliva. I ain’t paying a tenner for water.


Good old water for this guy.


Apple Juice for me usually, otherwise orange


Water or Sprite


Water or chocolate milk.


Vodka or rum


Hot chocolate, water and of coarse, this drink right here:


Water, Hot Chocolate


IRL Coke. While playing IF, Pepsi. ;)


Been there, done that, ended up in the bushes.


There’s always a Pepsi in the cockpit :)


I think me and @Damian would prefer Coffee.

Little children and there soda 🙂 just cant get enough


Pilots can’t fly with alcohol in their stomach!


I like just a simple glass of water.


Literally water, since nothing tastes good to me up there.