Whats your favourite drink to have while flying?


what’s your favourite drink to have while flying on IF?

My Favourites are:
Tea, Hot Chocolate. Rose wine, White wine and Chardonnay


Coke of course


I prefer Ginger Ale, or Pepsi


Smacks lips Nice


Hope you’re not over the limit when flying


coke on a plane is some good stuff


i only have one glass


Yeah to be fair its a nice drink to have


I want all the alcohol… helps me sleep through some jetlag at the other end 😂

Obviously a joke, I dont have one… I have whatever is going.


On a plane I tend to order a diet soda. If not, I’m probably drinking water.


Mojito of course! With no alcohol


Mountain Dew all the way


@Tom_Grollman likes beer with a side of beer.
If he’s feeling particularly happy, he’ll drink some more beer.

Did I mention that he likes beer?


Pepsi of course.


Apple juice for me


Coke and ginger ale. Always love the Delta crackers with a good ginger ale!


I’m going to shock a lot of people…

(bottled of course, never drink the tap water on a plane)


Usually a diet Pepsi for a day flight, and then coffee for my overnight flights.


Not that Pepsi junk @InfiniteNick speaks of


I want to see a drunk IF pilot landing a plane 😂🤪