Whats your favourite aviation book?

I’m surprised Fate is the Hunter is not here.


I know it’s kind of a stretch, but I like the book Unbroken. It’s about a WWII Air Force bombardier who, after his plane crashes, I stranded on the ocean for 6 weeks and is then taken as a POW by the Japanese. Highly recommend! And it’s all a true story.

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A book I have about aviation is I’m no hero a story written by Charlie plumb I even received a signed copy from plumb himself he was a fighter pilot in the Vietnam war and was captured by the Vietnamese and was a POW for 5 years and it tells the story about how he survived in the prison it a pretty good story oh yeah and none of the prisoners had ptsd from it because of their communication system they created

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That sounds awesome!

Hi mate. I have 2.
The first It called All four engines have failed about flight BA009 and how it lost all 4 engines while flying through volcanic ash.

The second is by the Captain of the 777 that crashed at Heathrow in 2008 and how he was treated by BA at the time.

Saw the documentaries four bothe of these. Very great stories!

Yeah. That’s what made me buy the books both amazing feats of airmanship.

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I did see the documentarie of BA009! Great story!

Fcoms and qrh

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Beyond the black box, plane crash, and aircraft.

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Don’t forget EVERYONES favourite aviation book (At least in the US anyway)



Cockpit Confidential is a pretty good one. Has a bit of humor in it too!

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I have quite a few aviation books and magazines (most of which are not stories, rather information guides) that I would recommend:

To name a few:

Cleared for Takeoff is a book full of all kinds of information on aircaft from how to do certain aerobatic maneuvers to lists of airline fleets.

Airliner World Is by far my favorite magazine to read (although I don’t get every issue). They have articles about different airlines and manufacturers, monthly airline news, and even a plane spotting section.

The 747 Haynes Manual Is a great book to get if you want to know about all the components of a commercial aircraft. Although it does get a technical sometimes, it’s great if you see a little hole on the bottom of a plane and you wonder “what does that do?”.

VITAL Commercial Aircaft Is one of the first books I bought and although it is a bit outdated, it has more information about each commercial aircraft then any other recognition guide I’ve seen.

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I hate this post very much haha

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Awesome list sir I wil look in to them :)

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One of my favorites is Sully’s autobiography. The way he talks about flying reminds us the importance and responsibility placed on all airmen. I highly recommend it



This book is by far my favorite out of my collection. An amazing read about a truly awesome man.

It’s not Christmas yet @anon93248082 🤔😉

Interesting book though I’ll take a look


Mines the FAA Order 8260.3D, tons of pictures.

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