What's your Favourite ATC position? (E.g. Ground, Tower)

I’ve been wondering what’s the most popular ATC position (What IF ATCs prefer the most.)

My favourite is being the Tower Controller!

Tell me what’s yours in the comments?

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Center or approche
But if I am also good at the tower or ground

Approach can be very fun but also very challenging, ground is fun but can be pretty boring without any aircraft, same with tower, just landing clearances and dep. clearances. Departure is easy and center is pretty boring in my opinion.

If I would have to choose one it’d probably be approach.

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By the approche is really Nice to do and yes that is becuse it is difficiele

I really like Tower.


ATIS :P. 2nd should be ground+tower


Approach then tower and ground

If you work only for Ground it’s boring, espacily when its a small airport like KSAN or KNUC.

I like the Tower, because here you have to give landing and takeoff clearence which is important.
My second favourite is Center, because this is a very ‘general’ position.

Tower, Center then ground😄

Tower and Approach.

@DS2001 @Aviation @Talkingribzz Why Center? In my option it’s boring, above FL180 there is very little traffic in IF…

Would have been nice with a poll,

  • Tower
  • Ground
  • Approach
  • Center
  • Departure
  • ATIS

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Yes above FL180 is little Traffic, but in longer routes (Singapore-Kuala Lunpur…) it’s interesting, and lots of pilot’s contact Center although they arent high enough

I like a nice, healthy mix of all positions!

My three favorite positions are as follows:

  1. EGBB approach
  2. PHOG approach
  3. TFFR tower & ground

PHNL approach would follow shortly thereafter :)

Haha I know you like PHOG app, you’re on that often dude ;)

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I actually hate doing approach, don’t know why but it is just not my thing ^^
I became advanced controller 2 just so I can help out my fellas in the controlling team when they get overwhelmed.
Tower, ground and atis are my favorite positions, and I can handle loads of traffic at the same time without any problem :)

If Tower is not busy I get bored. Like busy airports like KLAX, some month ago I was Tower and it was so full, that i got sweat.
So it depends which Airport…

Favourite I’d say is Tower.

Approach can be a lot of fun and very challenging when it gets busy, I don’t see ATIS as position for ATC. Its providing information it has nothing to do with controlling itself.

I don’t know why, for me too. Controlling there gives an effect of space and area, wider airspace ;)

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Tower (If There is approach!) and Ground, also approach