What's your favourite approach?

Yes that is correct

It has to be the DCA river visual for me. I did it once, and it was so fun!

Any Hawaii approach is stunning and Vancouver

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My favorite approach is the BRIXX 2 approach into San Jose (SJC/KSJC). You start up north in the SF Bay. This gives you a good view of the urban life below and the beautiful bay waters.

Then, as you turn final, you can see the beautiful, crowded, and tall buildings of San Jose. As you are on final approaching the 30 runways, you can see the city life below and admire the hills of Silicon Valley

In the video below, you can see the crowded Silicon Valley with the hills on the side as the airplane is on final. In the second video, you can see the beautiful Silicon Valley city lights while on final at night.

Although I don’t have a video for the BRIXX 2 approach, it is still very beautiful and definitely worth checking out

(Maybe try it if you are on IF)

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I honestly love the approach into my home airport Charleston Yeager. Especially if you come in on an American Eagle flight from Charlotte the pilots have to fly up past the airport about 5 miles or so then turn left base into KCRW onto runway 23. When I fly it on IF I love it.

Am lowkey disappointed nobody mentioned Kai Tak…


Honestly, any California arrival pleases me. I have a few playlist that I listen to for specific approaches like OAK, SFO, LAX and SAN.

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My top 3 favourite approaches in order

  1. VQPR Paro approach Runway 15

Approach chart

  1. LYTV Tivat Runway 32

Approach chart

  1. LOWI Innsbruck Circle-to-land Runway 08

Approach chart


You don’t listen to SJC?


My favorite approach is EHAM 18R from the south. On a clear day you get to see almost all of eastern Netherlands.

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Normally when I fly into SJC, I’m flying in from the north or south, and the SFO approach is similar to SJC (overflying SFO, then south over Stanford and Menlo Park), along with OAK, which admittedly is a bit different, but flys Over the same terrain. Thus I use SFO for SJC north arrivals, and OAK for south arrivals.

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the most stunning one I’ve experienced was into Benito-Juarez CDMX (MEX/MMMX) on an AeroMexico Connect ERJ

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Mine is the following, to Macao. I enjoy flying right above HK airport before flying the little loop to align onto the runway…

I always ask myself whether I should announce landing from right traffic or from right traffic!
I am talking of IF here, as I have not flown there IRL.

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Does anyone have other interesting approaches that they would like to share? If yes, tell me so that I can do them.

My favorite is Castlegar (CYCG)

It’s got a super challenging RNAV - circle to land approach and you can also approach it from many valleys in lots of directions.

Heres a video of an IRL approach from the west:

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I’m going to do this now🙂

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Kai Tak Airport

I like the approach at LBSF. Not because it’s challenging, but because it’s my home airport

LOWI, Innsbruck is awesome through the mountains and challenging hard valley wind !
Once landed just watch around you such amazing scenery

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