What's your favourite approach?

True, but its a small hill, so its not that challenging, but harder than 26.

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I Like landing in la guardia as it gives great version was of New York City.

Of course the famous River Track for RWY01R YBBN

My favourite approach has to be, Toronto city it has great views of downtown.

Mines Funchal 😍 amazing!!!

Juneau, is amazing, as @PilotDog said earlier.

And I also love the approach to Paro, it’s so fun in IF, I want to do it in real life so much now.


weill nevvr forgt sep11 is my favorite approach. My favorite most difficult is Aspen or the one in Central America where you have to turn base before landing

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I also forgot to say, UGMS is a very fin approach for GA, you’re turning base less than a mile from the runway, it’s really fun, but hard!


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Seoul Incheon. No idea why but it’s so satisfying.

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I endorse this post. You can make out the airfield from at least 30mi out.

Definitely flying into KATL from the northeast because I can fly over my house

Now that I’ve seen it the samedan approach

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MMMX. Been on it many times as a passenger, we turn base for 5R and use the World Trade Center as a reference point. You also get to see the volcanoes and see just how large the city really is.


Definitely Pamplona Airport (PNA, Spain). Is an amazing experience and a pretty complicated approach. You go through the city, very close to the ground, and after a turn, you just touch down.

Yes I agree

I get some screenshots from Xplane 11 since I don’t have any IRL.

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My favorite approach definitely is LAX, but I do that enough since it is the main airport I go to. Cape Town has to be my second favorite!

ryanair! yuh ohh god

Gotta Love my home airports approach (TXKF). Beautiful views of the island, the reefs and the water. landing on either end of the runway grants awesome views

runway 30 landing

views of the reef

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