What's your favourite approach?

A few days back I made a post about what I think is the best approach ever. You can find that here. Now, here is a video of what that approach looks like IRL:

I would like to know, are there any beautiful approaches that you would like to share? Tell us by replying to this thread!

Paro is challenging but I love to do it.

River Visual into DCA

Queenstown • NZQN

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My favorite approach is definitely to Juneau, Alaska.


Seoul Incheon, by a longshot.

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I like the standard LOWI. The airport is regularly updated, and well maintained. Along with good traffic from both General Aviation to A320’s and 737’s. Innsbruck is featured in a few apps and games, along with it’s beautiful mountain views, and the arrival procedures are amazing!

I have to also go with these because I’m biased:

  • CYVR - Vancouver’s runway 8 approaches are stunning! Amazing approach over the ocean, with the city ahead and untouched mountains on the left!

  • EGKK - my home International airport. Gatwick is pretty fun to arrive with the arrival procedures. It gives great views of the south coast and my home town.

  • EGMD - Who doesn’t like their home airport? I’ve flow here a lot irl, so I love it!


New York JFK’s Canarsie Approach


LICR - Reggio Calabria. Visual approach runway 33 with lighting aids like Kai Tak Airport.


Well of course, the landings @ PTY airport, runway 03. If you’re seating on the left side of the airplane, you get to see Panama City, the canal and the bay.


Definitely into placerville California.

Corfu 35

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I would say San Diego, it’s beautiful on approach seeing the city and the water.

The Barcelona approach never fails to amaze. You get great views of the city and coastline

Long Island Expressway Visual APPR at KLGA!

I really think the approach over the bay at San Francisco is really cool. I also really enjoy landing in Chicago. Flying over the lake is awesome, and the chicago skyline is perfect.

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Toncontin for me - approach is relatively difficult land the views are stunning😍


i love it!

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My favorite is coming from the north into SFO, and passing the Golden Gate Bridge, and of course any approach into Omaha😀

Thats cool. i live not too far from there, what is the approach like?

Both of Juneau’s approaches and very fun! I personally prefer runway 8’s approach. It is a bit more challenging.

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