What's your favourite airplane to fly?

Sorry if this idea was taken!

What is your favourite airplane? I have a few:

The Airbus A380, Airbus A320, Boeing 777.

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Boeing 767

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742, 77W, 738 and 739

A320 family, C172 and E-190.

complete Airbus family but especially A350 😃

Boeing 737 family

Anything that is airworthy.

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Honestly, the “Cessna 172” and “737-9 BBJ3” are my favorite to fly. And when the 787 comes out that’ll also be my favorite lol.

love the a330

737 family

A388, B77W, A346 and B748

Is this regarding to real life or IF cause it’s in RWA?

All Boeing’s😊

The A320 and A380

Surprisingly, I enjoyed flying the 787-9 even if the auto pilot doesn’t work well.

I also enjoyed flying the 77W, A380 , A340 , 747, A320/1 or ERJ 175.

You seem to really like the heavies ;)

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The A380 and 787 also the 747-8I

The A330 is a nice one.

A320 or the 738

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