What's your favourite airline alliance [poll]

Which one of the three major (and most well known) airline alliances is your favourite.

  • One World
  • Sky Team
  • Star Alliance
  • Other (not mentioned)
  • I hate airline alliances

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Lufthansa are part of it. The star alliance group


I like One World because BA is a member!

Oneworld because the best airlines are part of it.
Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacifc, Qantas, British Airways.

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Obviously today is not a good day for Sky team😄

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Star Alliance due to the many possible options.


Whats the point of an alliance

Don’t forget American

I like One World, but I like Sky Team’s logo

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Sky Team is the Best ;)image


American isn’t actually one of the world’s best airlines ;)

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Skyteam-I love their members. They get my vote

Star Alliance has the best livery of all of them though…

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Totally the same as mine

Oneworld actually has the best livery

That’s the main reason, yes :D

Well it is the largest, and I said do t forget them cause they are apart of One World

I’m a OneWorld Qantas Frequent Flyer

SAA is part of Star Alliance, so is Lufthansa.

Big ups to Star Alliance

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My Favourite even though I am British is Lufthansa

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