What's Your Favorite Way To Fly In Infinite Flight?

There are many different ways to fly in the real world and in Infinite Flight. You can do touch and goes, fly around in circles, fly as realistically as possible or something else. What is your favorite way? Mine is making a flight plan that goes through a bunch of airports and landing at each one like this:

When I am at work I like to set a flight plan of around 2,500-5,000NM and cruise at 24,000FT or 38,000FT (depending on aircraft). When I am at home I enjoy short flights in smaller planes with touch and goes on Expert Server for the best “sim” experience.


unlike the gentleman above…i dmake relatively shoert fpl…mostly not crossing aboit 1200 nm due to heating issues…when i need to fill in the landings column i do t&g or mostly to give a few ops to a controller i know well…rest in all i try to use diffent planes and fly good connections routes!

I like to fly with my hands. What about you?


Feet. Definitely feet…


hehe i think hands is a more of compulsion than liking or choice…unless someone is extremely talented

I just grab my phone with my lips and play that way:-)

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Who, your lucky, you can play Infinite Flight at work!

I often fly realistically! I use IF-Charts for my charts, fly for the BA VA, and use checklists.

I see you like to use things designed by that @DipperDolphin guy:-)

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Who doesn’t ;)

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I love doing touch and goes and pattern work. I also enjoy practicing stalls in the C172 and doing aerobatic manuevers in the Super D. I can’t handle long flights. Longest distance I’ll fly is about 120nm. I like flying by hand, not cruising on autopilot.

I agree, auto pilot os boring. I use it sometimes but I can’t imagine flying straight for hours when global comes:-(

Yeah. If the planes had autonav it would be better. When global comes out, I may have a slight change of mind because I can do more straight legs in my flight plans and actually go somewhere. Unlike now where you either touch cruising altitude and then start descending, or you make lots of circles.


Well this doesn’t really count but I do this all the time! On live, at the end of a flight I always say ‘thank you, good day!’ to the controllers! Nothing else. I’m always polite!


I remember doing that when I had live! Unless it was on TS1 and they had been rubbish. ;)


When did you have Live?

One or two months ago.

I like to spawn in at an airstrip/port nearby or adjacent to a controlled airport with traffic on expert… I’ll do as many T&G’s as I can while lurking from my quiet airspace, then when I find a suitable opening in traffic I’ll file, then head in the direction of the controlled tower with hopes of continuing a few more goes at some pattern work. Or I spawn in at a newbie controller’s delta and see if I can get in some pattern work that way. I’m not as big of a fan of longer flights because often by the time I get to an airport that was controlled by someone during my filing, chances are they have ended their session by the time I arrive, and everybody has migrated to a different region, or the conga line is miserably long.

I don’t really do touch and goes only at events but when I’m flying to an airport before start my final at the airport I usually fly around the airport so I could descend and I would do a quick checklist before I land . Then I call tower and call in for an approach

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