What's Your Favorite Live Event Activity?

Live events in Infinite Flight are a fantastic way to connect with other pilots and experience the skies together. But with so many options, which one gets your vote?

  • Fly-Ins/Fly-Outs: Gather at a designated airport, showcasing coordinated arrivals and departures.
  • Group Tours/Sightseeing: Explore beautiful scenery or iconic landmarks as a virtual squadron.
  • Air Shows/Military Displays: Witness impressive maneuvers and formations, replicating real-world events.
  • Competitive Events (Landing Challenges): Test your piloting skills against others in precision landing contests.
  • None (I prefer Solo Flying): Enjoy the peace and tranquility of flying independently.
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I believe this should be categorized under the Live category because you are not promoting any sort of event here just the idea of it.


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