Whats your favorite flight and aircraft you use to fly it?

I was wondering what are some peoples long and short haul flights. Its no longer fun todo just the regular shorthaul flight, LAX to SFO, and London to LA. Whats your favorite route and aircraft you use to fly it?

KDPA to KARR with the 172.

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how long is that?

About 10 minutes

YSCB-YMML in the 737-800

how long is YSCB to YMML?

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in time of course

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Round about 45 - 1 hour

Neat! any long hauls you know about?

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San Francisco to Delhi (15 hours 30 minutes in the Air India 77L) is my favorite long haul. I don’t have a favorite short haul though…

Sound like lots of fun!

Any underserved route

Can I get an example?

  • Any route from DMV airports (e.x. KBWI-KTPA)
  • Underserved routes from busy airports with ATC (e.x. KSAV-KIAH a few weeks ago)

Ah ok thanks.

I like London - Innsbruck with BA A320.

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That reminds me-I don’t usually fly to large airports, as they are better represented than smaller airports

e.x. I would fly KIAD-KCHO instead of KIAD-KCLT

I really love LEBL-LEXJ

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My favorite route is KSEA-PAJN. it is a very scenic route. The aircraft I use is the Boeing 737-900 in the Alaska Airlines livery. There are many things about this route that make it my favorite such as mountains, glaciers, and it’s beautiful light blue water. It’s a flight that you would not regret doing.

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Delta a319 KLGA to KFLL