What's your favorite camera view?

Hello, so recently I have been wondering what other people like for camera views. Personally, while at cruising altitude I love the tail view. While taking off I use the hud. I use the normal view for taxing.

What’re your guys favorite?

Comment your ideas!



I use the tail view the most and the locked one. The locked one is on the port side of the aircraft so I can check everything and I use that for taxing into a gate if I need to see the markings close up.


The HUD had to be my favorite, use it all the time. It gives me the feel like I’m actually flying the aircraft.

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I use:

Cockpit: For take off and landing

Hub: For hard landings

Normal view: For taxing

Free Cam: For taking pictures and viewing other aircraft

Nose Cam: For lining up when parking


Basically what @PlaneCrazy said 😂


HUD primarily but for long haul cockpit because, realism. Normal for taxing and parking.

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We have other views then inside the cockpit? Who knew!

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That’s me setup as well.

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Have you tried the couch view. Works like a charm for the relaxing flights 😜


I will try that one on my next flight.👌👍

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I use cockpit and normal views almost exclusively. I also like to see the wing views and occasionally the scenic view. Free cam I only use if I want to take a picture.

Normal views for most of my flight, and use cockpit 2 for landing.

tower to land ;v . on solo

Normal for taxiing
Tail for lining up on runway
Cockpit for takeoff/landing
Mostly locked during cruise (sometimes cockpit because realism)
Scenic when away from my device

I’ll also use the tower cam for landing with APPR enabled

I must be boring, I use cockpit for almost everything…

Probably worth changing camera views having read this, might make the taxi easier…

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Pretty much normal/locked for everything. I like looking at the aircraft more then I like looking at the cockpit.

Cockpit, it feels like you’re in the plane. Or scenic view 😍

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Freecam, Freecam and more Freecam.


How do you take pictures while going to fast in freecam?

I just try to match the planes’ speed, and take a shot when I see an opportunity

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